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Now Renting Oxygen 

to Ease Altitude Sickness

24 Hour Rental

$100 Dollars


We are Mammoth Lakes' and the Eastern Sierra's Premier Mobile I.V. Service. Choose from a variety of hydration and vitamin infusions.  We also offer custom infusions to fit your specific needs.  We come to your home, hotel, condo or office; so you can always "Feel your best in the mountains".

Why I.V. Hydration and Vitamin Infusions?

Receiving an I.V. infusion is the most efficient way to absorb fluids and vitamins, so that your body can perform at an optimal level. By bypassing your digestive system, the fluids and vitamins will be absorbed more readily into your body and utilized more efficiently, helping you to feel your best quickly so you can get on with your day. Not only can we utilize I.V. hydration and vitamin infusions during times of illness and distress, they can also be used to maximize overall health and wellness.


Who Benefits from I.V. Hydration and Vitamin Infusions?


*Altitude Sickness

*Battling a cold or flu

*Immune Support

*Athletic Support/Recovery  

*Alcohol consumption 




Benefits of I.V. Infusions

*Improved immunity

*Increased energy

*Promotes better sleep

*Improved cognitive function
*Decreased recovery time

*Cleanse body of toxins and free-radicals

*Calm anxiety

*Improved skin, joint and muscle health

*Customized to your needs

Operating Hours


Monday - Saturday

7:00am - 6:00pm

 Sundays and After-Hours:

Available for

existing clients or with 24 hours notice for all new clients.


Contact Us

Mammoth Lakes, CA, USA

Call, Text, or Email

for Appointments

(760) 924-9610

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